True indeed! – “Time is Money”.
A moment of silence is priceless.
When “in need” I met: “Lonely”.
My anointment is a more / less.

Only once, I shopped at deceit.
I’ve my receipt; talk still cheap.
What is truth to a polygraph?
Twice, I had its youth & laugh.

I mean; I recall the sewage rats
…on the old hammock’s strings.
But I’m not in that same train;
…NOW, I’m on different tracks.

– Right in the mix; second to last.
Here still, to fix the floor’s cracks.
No skip; steadfast I stretch a rope.
My hope is not to repeat the past.

NO. I’m not a hothead; […but:]
I’m so tired of the cold foreheads.
I’m woke. I miss my best friend,
My sister, and even my Folks!?!

I finally understood my ‘to know’.
An entire lifetime in a short hello.
I retire bridges with fire in a bath;
You go ahead and keep the yacht.



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