Not Convex Nor Concave


Understand to over stand ‘the fence’ granting ties
There is no such thing as coincidence to coincides
The Tower’s cortex took telepathy and left babble
The temple’s DNA helix resembles: Jacob’s ladder

Akashic records is ‘a cursor’ to individual purpose
The Soul never dies. – What about each Past Life?
Maybe everybody heard the Alexandria’s screams
As, Texas breathed in sandstorm from the Sahara

Today, ‘tenseness’ is the one and only tense. And,
‘Yes’ is metaphor for perhaps, a big mishap stand
To define: seabed. It is said: ‘history repeats itself’
Stars know; but, are paid to keep it to themselves

I’m the Americans. & the Muurs from “Ouachita”
I’m Ancient Books. I’m a Samurai from Hiroshima
I’m untied. As, Darkness was divided by the Light
Your “EYE” can look, but it cannot reach my sight




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