Ha Has


Ha, where are all the clowns now?
I’m distracted but you can still say.
– I was forced to age years in days.
I’m lost and found like youth greys.

I’m a grin! Leniency remains a lean.
Pick a card. I’m empty like this hat.
The ironic is iconic, don’t intervene;
with a unicorn in its natural habitat.

I’m here a while; my stomach hurts;
But I’m yet to crack a smile. Maybe:
These shoes are not big enough, or
I’m happy, and I just do not know it.

Sequel? – I have nothing left to lose.
– I’m another one of those miracles.
The dinner is served, and “that’s life”
Yes! We get what we deserve, twice!

Knock, kno… no, you wouldn’t get it.



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